The end of April was Pauline Maas in Brussel for the #scienceiswonderful event. She was there to help out in the stand of the CodeWeekEU team with coding activities for the children.

The event

We had a booth with a table where we could put on activities. There were some laptops and tablets. Pauline arrived with a suitcase full of coding activities and of course micro:bits. She also created a lot of special material for this day. In the booth their where some Belgian CodeWeek colleagues (Ilse Delo, Inge De Cleyn and Wouter Willems) and there was also Arjana Blazic from Croatia. We all brought a lot of material with us, which of course did not fit on the table. Our stand was always full of children wanting to do everything. We also gave them caps and t-shirts (so slowly but surely everyone at the festival turned orange). Every now and then we put new projects on the table. It was a busy but very fun day.